In the usual business, agents are the one who handles legal deals, negotiations, and contracts for their clients. A poker agent has the same responsibilities as the usual agents.

Poker agent or Agen poker helps successful players to take their game and business to the next level. One of their main duties is to improve, diversify the income streams, and manage their client’s poker room.

Poker Agent Responsibilities

In the poker world, a poker player is not usually part of a team. Handling deals and managing other stuff can be troublesome. Besides, some of the poker players are VIPs, huge celebrities, and wealthy businessman. These type of poker players are managing their endorsements and public image so it’s a bit critical to level up their career.

Below are the duties of a poker agent:

  • Negotiating sponsorships and endorsements – One of the roles of poker agents is to look for sponsors and negotiate good deals. Some of the poker players are sponsored by online poker sites to boost their reach, and today some players are now making deals with non-poker companies. Poker agents are the one who negotiates with these deals, making connections and signing the deal. Doing this will bring a huge amount of money for the player to balance the business.
  • Managing client’s image and marketing campaigns– Poker agents are responsible to give their client a public appeal. They may involve in advertising deals, creation of a website and relatable content as well as TV interviews.
  • Responsible for diversifying the income – Some players with a poker agent can go even further with their promotions. Marketing and TV appearances may lead to more income and expand their client’s connection, so the client can become a poker superstar rather than just a simple poker player. Some of them even published online books, DVDs, or make appearances in some poker shows.

Who Needs a Poker Agent?

Not all the players are required to have a poker agent. One must be a successful poker player to find a poker agent, you need to have a decent win rate, success in well-known poker tournaments, or has a high ranking in an online poker site.

Some of these successful poker players without sponsorship only rely on the income they make from winning. Thus, hiring a poker agent will help their income to become more reliable and consistent. Usually, poker agents have a lot of connections with the endorsers that a player may not have.  These endorsements can guarantee a player’s regular and sustained income between wins.

Agen pokerHaving a poker agent may give you a lot of benefits, however, it can also distract you from the game itself. Since poker agent finds you endorsements, TV appearances, shows, and interviews, it may be a hindrance to help you focus on the game.

A player must be careful, you must keep your winning rate on top in the long term in order not to lose sponsorships. But of course, at the end of the day, an individual must decide for themselves.

If you really want to have a poker agent, first, you must make a name or take a place in the rankings in the world of poker. It doesn’t matter if it’s a live game, or in online poker, what matters is the place of your ranking. Then, you’ll be scouted or approached by an agent, after an agreement, the poker agent should then take care of the rest and you focus on the winnings.